About Polka

Our Business

Polka Pastry shop is please to introduce itself as one of the leading reputed cake shop in Sri Ganganagar. Owned By Paramjeet Kaur, wife of S. Harmindra Singh. At Polka, our family is serving yours since 1992. Polka excels at designing unique, delicious and eggless cakes, pastries and other bakery products. We take great pride in the fact that we are known for our great taste and high quality standards of all our products.

Today the third generation is managing the business with completely new perspective of modernization. Paravjeet Singh, Son of S. Harmindra Singh has also followed in his Father’s footsteps and this Father and son combination strives to make all their designs realistic and customer appealing.


Who We Are

The Journey of thousand miles begins with the first step. Our first step of journey started in 1981 with establishment of a small bakery "Guru nanak bakery". Where we used to and make all our products only with the very best and natural ingredients. With god’s grace and great customer support bakery lovers soon made Guru Nanak Bakery their destination for city's best bread and other bakery Products. And In 1992 Guru NANAK Bakery extended its first outlet Polka Pastry Shop in the heart of city Gole Bazaar.

I must say that my father Late sh. Atma Singh had a great role In success of our bakery. He was a great inspiration, a helper, and at the same time true critic also. Today what we have achieved is all because of my parents have always believed in an old saying that "behind every successful man there is usually a woman who deserves much credit for his success". And for my success credit goes to two women. Firstly my mother and secondly my wife Paramjeet kaur, who is also owner of polka pastry shop.

Who says that you Can't Buy Happiness, You Can Buy A Cake and That's The Kind Of Same Thing. because When All Fails Only A Cake Can Work Wonder." At polka our motive is to make special cakes for your special days